1965. Borreani Francesco carpenter of Piana Crixia passed from manufacturing furniture on demand to sales of industrial production of furniture and decorations. 1967. The son, Gianluigi, decided to work in the business, focusing particularly on sales, introducing new ideas and bringing a new boost to modernity. Design entered decisively, largely and in a predominant way in the furniture business gaining customers from the areas of Cairo Montenotte and from Savona. In 1976. Gianluigi with Daniela Servetto, his wife, created a center of pure and absolute design “Il Triangolo”. It was immediately a success 1988. In order to facilitate the access to a greater number of customers Gianluigi and Daniela decided to leave “Il Triangolo” and they bought the present store “Albarredo s.r.I” from the 60’s a pioneer in Savona for design. 1992. The three sons, Gianluigi, Samuele and Gabriele decided to enter in the business, first working in delivery and assembly of the furniture and afterwards focusing on projects and sales. And now the team hasn’t change: Daniela, Gabriele, Gianluigi, Samuele.


Albarredo S.r.l.

Via Nizza 154R, 17100 Savona (Italy)

C.F/ P.IVA 00900650094